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Can I innovate Pesach (Passover)?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been speaking a lot about Pesach (Passover) preparations in response to my book How to Make Pesach in 5 Days. The opportunities have been incredible and I’ve had the privilege of meeting wonderful people from all over the world (all from the comfort of my home). What’s amazing is that no matter where the attendees are from, they all seem to share a common concern – how will they clean their homes by the Pesach deadline. Isn’t it funny that even though they’ve never met, women from across the globe are all stressing out about the same things.

What’s even more fascinating (to me at least) is that in a number of the Q & A’s I participated in, I was directly asked – How did I use my innovation teachings to create my 5 day organizational system? Are the 2 principles connected or are they just 2 independent side projects that are running tandemly.

I spent some time thinking over the question, because on the surface the two do seem unrrelated – innovation and organization aren’t topics that are normally combined. You might often find a class entitled “Organizing and Cleaning” or “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” but you’ll rarely find a class entitled “Innovate While You Organize,” although it can be done.”

The S.I.T. method of innovation has not only impacted one area in my life (brainstorming, creativity..) but it has really infiltrated every one of them. When I send my husband to the Passover car wash with the kids, I’ve successfully used the Task Unification template and gave the car wash an additional job of also being a babysitter. When I serve the same food at both of the Seder dinners, I have used the Subtraction Template, and when I divide my cooking into multiple steps, I have clearly used the division template. When I quadruple the amount of carrots I peel and use some for sautéing, others for roasting and still others for kugel and salad, I am using the multiplication template, and when the length of time I allocate to cooking depends on the patience level of my child, I am using Attribute Dependency.

S.I.T has positively impacted every area of my life. I truly hope you will take the time to learn it in depth and gain from it as well. I will be launching a new 6-part masterclass series where participants learn all 5 innovation templates as well as how to apply them. Please get in touch with me at if you’d like more information about joining the course.

Until next time.

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