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Crustless Pizza - The Multiplication Template Applied

Three times a charm and it’s time for us to put into practice a third template of the S.I.T. system of creativity – Multiplication. Multiplication is the method where a component of the product or system is copied and changed in a counterintuitive way. A second type of blade was added to the original razor providing a closer shave. A second piece of tape was added to the back of a regular piece, creating double sided tape.

Multiplication, like the other methods, initially strikes us as counterintuitive – why would you want to fix something that isn’t broken? Yet, by following the steps of the Multiplication technique and asking yourself, what is the benefit of this new altered product, you will come face to face with new, innovative ideas.

Let’s get back to your restaurant and add some more details. You are planning to open a cafe, that specializes in homemade pastas and pizzas. The café will operate from 11 am to 9 pm.

Are you ready to innovate?

I guess so. I’m not really sure what needs fixing though?

Nothing does. We’re just trying to think differently and open our mind to new ideas. Let’s talk about the food you are serving. Currently it’s pastas and pizzas.

What kind of pastas?

Oh all kinds, but all homemade. Cooked in our famous house sauce with home grown tomatoes and herbs.

Sounds delicious. Well, how can we change it a bit?

Change it? We’ve perfected this sauce in our family.

Well, what would happen if you offered a few choices of sauces? Maybe ones that are pesto based or more milk based?

That’s interesting. That would definitely help us with the customers who don’t love tomatoes.

Great. And what about if you changed the pasta shapes?


Well, what would happen if you added some new shapes or created your own? You said they were home-made?

You mean make a shape of pasta that was unique to our store?

Sure? Or have a unique flavor?


And what about the pizzas? How do you make them now?

They are pretty standard, brick oven, deep dish, square shaped. They’re really delicious.

I’m sure they are. And I’m also sure they are like every other Italian restaurant around. How can you make yours different?

Well, we can offer different toppings. Right now we were planning on offering tomato, onion and olive.

Offering or adding different toppings is just addition, and if you’ve noticed, addition is not one of the 5 templates. How can you change what you’re already offering?

Well, we can offer a variety of tomato toppings – different types of tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes. That would be really delicious. Or different type of olives, each come with their own flavor, you know.

Nice. And what about the actual pizza? You mentioned that you planned to make square, deep dish pizza. Of course there’s the option of serving thin crust. But what about if you offered a no crust pizza line.

What? No crust? The crust is delicious!

What would be the benefit of offering a crust free pizza? Who would want that?

People on diets, I guess. And those who are gluten free or have wheat sensitivity. We could even start a line of crustless pizza!

Wow. And what else could you serve with that?

Well probably the same people interested in crustless pizza would be interested in salads. We could serve a variety of those with different Italian cheeses. Actually, we could probably sell pastas made out of gluten free flour, or even vegetables as well. Our whole niche could be a gluten free Italian restaurant. Wow, this has given me a lot to chew on.

Until next time…

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