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Is better late than never? The blog that never made it...

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Honestly, I'm not sure if late is better than never. Let me explain.

For 51 weeks straight, I blogged consistently. I started off excited about the project, as I had so much I wanted to share with the world. It honestly didn't matter that no one was reading my blog. I just wanted to make my voice heard, even if I lost it in the process.

As the weeks went on, my excitement began to dwindle. It started with the nagging voice of other "priorities" such as organizing a drawer or deleting old files off my computer. Yet I persevered and each week I blogged. Topics changed from S.I.T to innovation to internal struggles, but no matter what, I blogged. As I hit week 40 I told myself - I don't know how far I get, but I'm going to make it through an entire year.


By weeks 49 and 50 I was really unsure if I'd finish. I'd taken on additional commitments that were occupying my time and the struggle was real each and every week. But I made week 51 as well.

And then I messed up. The night I was supposed to write my final blog (at my blogiversary) coincided with the night before I was supposed to begin directing a camp . As the days and nights creeped up, reality began to sink in and it was only 2 days after camp began that I realized I missed week 52.

I missed it. I prepared for it, I worked for it. I struggled for it. But I missed it.

So now, about 4 weeks later, I sit down to write week 52's blog. It wasn't the blog I intended to write, it didn't come with a feeling of success and completion. It came with a sense of guilt, trying to make up for what should have been.

So is late better than never. Honestly, in this case, I'm not even sure.

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