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Still feeling stuck?

Somehow, no matter what the topic, whenever there are 2 people having a heated conversation, inevitably one of them is stuck (or has a fixed mindset, as we say in S.I.T.). And let’s be honest. The one who’s stuck is probably you. How do I have audacity to say this? you ask. Because in this case the “you” is actually “me”.

No matter how many times I blog about fixedness, it almost seems like it hasn’t made a dent. I’m still stubborn. I still believe I am always right. And I still approach conversations assuming that I am correct and the onus is on the other person to prove me wrong.

Sound familiar?

How about we change things up? Instead of doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results, let’s aim for a happier ending - and let’s do it by working backwards. Our goal is to enter every conversation with an eye out for learning from others, not by telling others what we already know and feel. Let’s come in with questions, not answers, with thoughts not opinions. Let’s use phrases like “why do you think that is true?” and “it’s so interesting you think that, please tell me more” rather than “you’re not listening to me” or “do you not get what I’m saying?”

By coming with curiosity rather than judgement, we will be much more open to change, innovation and of course friendship. Let’s start innovating one relationship at a time.

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