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A Dose of Positivity

When I reflect on this week, I find the sparks of positivity. I appreciate the little wins, the small bursts of potential. I see possibility in the distance, and remain hyper focused on reaching my destination. Each step takes me closer, although the journey remains filled with fog.

Success is subjective – one day a little win seems like the greatest accomplishment and the next, it escapes unnoticed. We all start from different starting points yet the race is the same. We share one common goal - to put in the effort, day in and day out. We do not aim to cross the finish line or even to finish before our peers. We race against ourselves; we become stronger every day. We rise from falls quicker than we did previously. We face forward with ambition. We avoid looking back with regret.

We start every day anew and rise with girded strength. Looking forward to another week ahead.

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