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Getting a Fresh Perspective

Division is a template that allows you to simplify tasks and roles, to break them down to their essences. Instead of being overwhelmed with the task of arranging an entire conference, it allows you to see each part of the program as a different entity. By breaking down a whole into its individual parts, you are able to delegate and reallocate resources effectively.

At first glance, division seems almost trivial – just take an item and divide it. Yet in reality, there’s more to it. Instead of just dividing up a service or program, division allows us to rethink the status quo. Why do we always start with lunch? Why can’t we start with breakfast and do a bagged lunch to go? Or why can’t we change the meeting to the evening time? Perhaps we can switch up the event entirely to one that doesn’t need food? Division allows us to break fixedness, the condition in which we are stuck assuming things have to run the way they always did, and that materials have to be allocated in the way they always were. By dividing a product and rearranging it, we are able to imagine new, potentially better scenarios.

I’ve truly found COVID to be a time of no rules. Despite all its challenges, some benefits have emerged; social norms have been erased and business etiquette thrown out the window. People show up to zoom meetings in their pajama pants, and “work from home” (with their kids screaming in the background). I’ve learn to apply the “there’s no rules in COVID” to so many scenarios and I’ve encouraged my coworkers to do the same! Why do participants always fill in the survey when they arrive? Why don’t we have them do it at the time of registration and then we can ask them for additional information when they arrive? Why can’t part of our fundraiser be online despite the fact that it’s always been fully in person? Why can’t I meet with an investor first on zoom if we’ve always met in person for our first interaction? By dividing your product or service, you allowing yourself to see things from a new and fresh perspective. And of course, asking the key question – what are the advantages of doing it in this newfound way – will surely help you continue on the path to creative ideas and solutions.

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