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I sit down to write but I have nothing to say

I sit down to write but I have nothing to say. The last few months have reminded me that I am only in control of my reactions, and not of the bigger picture. I spend so much of my time planning, only to have those plans unravel. Yet I plan again, knowing well in advance that I might need to start from scratch at any time. I begin anew and accept the fact that fate will lead me to where I am supposed to go. My efforts make me stronger, more committed, more determined, and my hope is that I always have the strength to focus on the efforts and not the results.

So what do I write?

I’m tired. Sometimes too tired to think, to process. Too tired to move, to put the necessary time and energy into important projects. And then I remind myself that sleeping is for the dead and we are here only to work, to toil, to try. We are here for a purpose and spend most of our lives figuring out what that is. With purpose comes satisfaction, a deep happiness that cannot be expressed into words. That satisfaction is not connected to the thrill of a roller coaster, or the excitement of a new trip. Rather, it is a feeling of contentment with one’s life, knowing that their time is being allocated to the greater good. This feeling, once discovered, will remain, as long as the person is filling their potential and bettering themselves daily.

So, I say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to express what I didn’t know I needed to. Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you and thank you for being the silent soundboard that I needed.

With every challenge comes an opportunity and the opportunity for growth is at every turn. Grasp the moment and rise from challenges. Keep a growth mindset at the forefront of your mind and use it as your strongest weapon to ward off negativity. Never despair and look for the nuggets of hope. Wake up again tomorrow and start afresh, addressing each opportunity for growth as it comes. And fall asleep, satisfied, that you have maximized your time and your potential.

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