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The difference a night's sleep can make

I’m back again. Recommitted. Refreshed. Last week I spoke about whether or not I’d continue my blog, or at least make it until its blogiversary. So what changed? One week ago, I was feeling tired, depleted and out of ideas. And now I feel more positive, more focused, more driven,

Well something did change, and it’s something that we all underestimate. It’s something that we know we must do, something that without it we will not function at capacity. Yet for some reason, every time we are faced with the challenge of doing it, we procrastinate, make excuses and even convince ourselves that we don’t need it. Yet we do need it, every day. Or should I say - every night?

A night’s sleep can make the difference between success and failure, positivity and negativity. We all understand the need, have suffered when we ignored our bodies messages, yet for some reason, each night we struggle. We just want to finish one more task, send one more email, have one more conversation. So we give in, and push off our desired bed time by just a few more minutes. And then a few more.

And then we wake up. Tired, groggy, confused. Our mind is foggy. Our decisions blurred. Our motivation down. And the irony is that we don’t understand why. We reach for a cup of coffee, hoping to gain a few hours of clarity.

My husband always says – never make important decisions when you’re tired. And he’s right. Imagine waking up groggy and then deciding whether or not you should invest in a stock. Or feeling tired, getting into a fight with a friend and deciding that now is the time to end the friendship. Lack of sleep blurs the lines and confuses the decision making process.

So you ask what changed?

All it took was a good night’s sleep. Challenge yourself to one tonight - you’ll wake up with a clearer frame of mind and be ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

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