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When is inconsistency a sign of maturity?

When I think about my various strengths, that of consistency comes to mind. I like strive to be the kind of person who sees tasks out till the finish line, who completes what they set out to do. I like to be known as someone reliable and dependable, a go getter that gets jobs accomplished. Yet sometimes, I get involved in a project and then halfway through I start to doubt myself. ‘How did I get involved in this? Do I really want to finish it?’ Now of course, some of it can be laziness, but at times, it’s more of an evaluation process. Am I still enjoying what I am doing? Is the reason that I started doing it still a priority in my life?

46 weeks ago, I started out writing a weekly blog, after receiving the advice of a mentor. Beginning with the topic of innovation, continuing on to overcoming challenges and then slowly transitioning to what I call ‘Meira’s brain,’ the blog has definitely morphed. Although I began afresh each week, excited to tackle a new topic, I know feel that joy dwindling as I struggle to find topics to write about. I began the blog during COVID, when I had ample time, and am now writing in an extremely busy period of my life. Should I continue, at least until my Blogiversary (6 more weeks) or should I just stop while I’m ahead. I was advised to write, not for others, but to clarify my ideas, feelings and passion for myself. But is that the case anymore? Am I really writing for myself or am I hoping more people will read each week. And those that do read weekly – are they even gaining from my writing or is clicking on my weekly blog notification just something they do out of consistency too?

Being committed to projects has helped me tremendously in life. But when should someone reevaluate their commitments? At times, reevaluation comes with maturity and others it comes from a loss of passion or even laziness. Should I continue my blog when it has become a weekly chore, because I said that I would, or should I drop it, and decide to focus my energies on other projects?

Want to know what I decide? I guess you’ll have to check in next week to find out

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