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Would you serve hot ice cream over cold cake?

Let’s continue with the Multiplication method and think of some more options for your restaurant. We’ve already discussed offering a variety of sauces and toppings. Offering a crustless pizza and vegetable based pastas would attract a gluten free or diet focused audience.

I have a question.

Sure, go ahead.

Would this mean that I would only be serving gluten free options? Italian lovers are mostly gluten lovers, you know.

Great question. You can do whatever you want. You can go with your original option of classic pastas, you can switch to a gluten free restaurant or you can have a restaurant that offers a full line of both. It’s all up to you. The multiplication method is supposed to open your eyes to new opportunities, not make your decisions for you.

I know…

Can we take this one step further?


What were you planning on offering for dessert.

A choice of tiramisu and gelato. Italian ice cream is great.

Terrific. What flavors?

I think a classic vanilla and chocolate is the safest.

It probably is. How can you multiply it though?

You mean – what other flavors can I offer?

Nope, that’s addition. How can you change it in a counterintuitive way?

Well, I could serve it hot, lol, that would be different.

Hmm, hot ice cream. Would that actually taste good?

I was joking.

I know, but would it?

You know it might actually. Hot gelato? I never thought of that. We could serve it on cold chocolate cake, the complete opposite of the cold ice cream on hot chocolate cake.

That sounds pretty good.

Maybe we could serve a whole line of hot ice creams? I wonder if it took off, people would start coming to our restaurants just for the desserts. Maybe we could open up a separate section just for people who wanted a nice dessert?

Great. What’s another way you could change the gelato. How do you serve it now?

It’s usually served scooped like regular ice cream.

How else could you serve it?

What do you mean – should I slice it like pizza?

Well that’s funny. You could serve pizza as well as gelato shaped like pizza. Maybe it’s a dinner special where you order triangle shaped pizza (or square shaped) with matching desserts.


And what about wines? Are you not serving those?

Of course we are. Italian wines are incredible. We have 5 varieties that we are offering. They pair well with the main dish.

What about offering wines that pair well with the dessert? Or with the appetizers? Or wines that pair well with gelato, specifically?

Wow, ok. I think I need to stop here. My head is spinning.

I’m sorry.

No, it’s a good thing. This has given me a lot to chew on.

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