Do you have a pressing problem in your organization that urgently needs to be fixed?  Or wish you had the tools to innovate on demand.


I can help you.


Using the same approach that major corporations worldwide apply to tackle their most troubling issues, I will help you will learn to think differently, develop innovative solutions, and unleash your team's potential. We will work together to attack the problem you are currently facing and develop a specific action plan to implement for strong positive results. 

Stop agonizing over lost revenue and opportunities. Send me a note, and we will schedule a time to discuss how I can help your organization achieve a higher level of success. It's no wonder why Amazon reached out to me for an innovation training workshop.

I very much look forward to

speaking with you soon.

Effective Solutions

to Pressing Business Problems


What is S.I.T.?

S.I.T. (systematic inventive thinking) is a technique that helps people think differently and innovate efficiently. It sees challenges as opportunities that can be consistently utilized to help you reach your goals. Inventive solutions share common patterns, or templates, and by using those templates, you can be creative time and again. S.I.T. is the quickest and most effective path towards innovation and problem solving. Its clients have included:

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Meira: The quickest path to almost everything.

A seasoned speaker, Meira is known for motivating her audiences to take action. She teaches techniques in structured creativity using the SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking) method, which have been used by hundreds of companies from around the world reach creative solutions to pressing problems. Whether you are looking for a keynote, workshop or virtual webinar, Meira Spivak can help you reach breakthrough results.


What people are saying about Meira

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Meira has emerged as a driven and effective leader who not only grasps systematic creativity, but is extremely capable of putting it into practice.  Her presentation skills are excellent and she has what it takes to help companies reach breakthrough results in creativity.

Jacob Goldenberg,
Founder of SIT, co-author of Inside the Box, Professor at Columbia University and IDC

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Meira as her public speaking coach a few years ago. Since that first meeting, she has become a wonderfully inspiring and engaging speaker! She is truly entertaining!

Carmie McCook 
Executive Public Speaking, B2B Presentation, & Media Training

Meira is an extremely talented woman with a strong drive to help other people. In my work with her, I have found her to be creative, knowledgeable and with expertise in several areas.

John Spence
Business and Leadership Expert, Author

With incredible enthusiasm and passion, Meira is able to develop new creative ideas for a variety of audiences. Her excitement is contagious—working with her is a sure size your audience will leave inspired.

Dovid Bashevkin,
Director of Education, NCSY, Author


Meira's Client Testimonials


Within the first 3 minutes of your introduction of your workshop, I knew this was going to be a growth filled opportunity for our TEAM!
My favorite type of learning is experiential and workshop based.  Your facilitation skills are excellent and the timeliness of this type of mindset and planning could not be any more perfect then NOW!

Dov Perkal, Owner and Director, SHMA Camps


Highlighted Workshops

From Unproductive to Efficient: Transform your brainstorming meetings and propel your team forward

  • Discover why traditional brainstorming methods are ineffective

  • Identify the key problems with your current meetings - and fix them

  • Learn the 3 key methods for running effective brainstorming sessions and how to apply them

 Say Goodbye to False Dilemmas: Identify what’s stopping your creative problem solving

  • Learn how to identify a false contradiction as well as how to stop limiting yourself from being successful

  • Understand why compromises aren’t the best solutions and why you should go/ the extra mile to find creative solutions

  • Start seeing your challenges as your biggest opportunities

Goal Setting Workshop: The art of achieving your objectives in an open team environment

  • Understand the importance of psychological safety and how it directly impacts work culture and contributions 

  • Learn how to set key metrics that hit your objectives (OKR’s), and actually reach them

  • Create happier and more fulfilled employees who have clearer direction and purpose

Innovation on Demand Workshop: Learn an S.I.T. method of creativity

  • Learn one of the 5 templates of the S.I.T. method (Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Task Unification and Attribute Dependency) as well as how and when to apply it

  • Understand why a perspective shift can lead to innovation - and learn how to make the shift